Republicans make up majority of 50 most beautiful people in Washington D.C. list

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See that woman above? That's Amy Cheng, who's just been awarded the dubious honor of being the most beautiful person in Washington D.C., making her the 6,769,635,700th most beautiful person in the world at large. (For those of you playing at home, we arrived at that number by subtracting the Washington Metropolitan Area's population from the total world population. Math!) But Cheng, of course, is more than just a statistic — she's a Republican.

The list, compiled by political blog the Hill, ultimately includes twenty-six Republicans, sixteen Democrats, seven Anti-Masonics, two Free Soilers, and zero Communists. D.C.'s most beautiful man (and third-most beautiful person overall on the list) is also a Republican — specifically this one:

So what about D.C.'s hottest liberals? Well, they show up pretty late on the list. The first proper Democrat ranks sixth; he's a man.

And the Dem dames? They're not even ranked! The Hill decided to only assign number values to the top ten politicos and list the remaining forty sans hierarchy. But, using a little bit of critical reasoning and a lot of clicking, one can tell from the ordering of the slides that they think this is D.C.'s most beautiful lady Democrat:

Okay! Thoughts? We're sure you've got many!