Gonorrhea testing

Scientists are coming up with increasingly drastic -- and possibly brilliant -- ways to combat STDs. Their latest ploy involves putting urine... in your cell phone. Strangely enough, it just might work:

The self-testing devices are aimed at technology-savvy young people. Public health experts are concerned that, although most STIs occur among that age group, many are too embarrassed to visit a GP...

People who suspect they have been infected will be able to put urine or saliva on to a computer chip about the size of a USB chip, plug it into their phone or computer and receive a diagnosis within minutes, telling them which, if any, sexually transmitted infection (STI) they have. Seven funders, including the Medical Research Council, have put £4m into developing the technology via a forum called the UK Clinical Research Collaboration. [The Guardian]

Yesterday, I mentioned the last desperate attempts by abstinence-only supporters in Britain. It's clear they aren't helping: abstinence education does little to deter STDs, which are becoming more and more prevalent among young people: the Guardian mentions that "two-thirds of women reporting a new STI were under 25, as were more than half of men."

Will an iPhone app for testing STIs/STDs be an effective tool for slowing the spread of disease or will most people simply ignore the chip  for the same reasons they avoid testing centers?

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Nov 09 10 - 10:14am

I think this is brilliant - although cost will probably be an issue here, both for the chip initially and the ongoing testing services (I'm hazarding a guess that, at least in the U.S., insurance companies are not going to authorize STI testing without the GP visit/referral).

Nov 09 10 - 10:39am

Can you wash the chip or is it just thrown away? cause we're already producing enough e-waste, do we really need to produce a computer chip that is meant to be thrown away after one use?

Nov 09 10 - 5:17pm

One use? I always rinse my condoms.

Nov 09 10 - 7:17pm

What about privacy concerns?

Nov 10 10 - 10:40pm

STD testing + iPhones + a big SHARE! right below this comment box with icons for Facebook and twitter makes me think this is going to make for some really awkward family updates.

Dec 05 10 - 10:36pm

I don't want to put pee into my iphone...

Jul 23 11 - 11:26am

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Jul 23 11 - 1:30pm

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