Right-wing Swiss party draws fire for anti-immigration ad featuring naked women

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Swiss anti-immigration ad

Right-wing Swiss party, the Swiss People's Party, has released a series of controversial new, anti-immigration ads. The two-part ads show a photo of beautiful, naked, white women walking into a pristine lake, followed by an image of old women wearing head scarves bathing in filthy water. Presumably, they're a warning about the horrors that come with a more open immigration policy.  

The ads come as Switzerland prepares to vote on whether illegal immigrants who commit crimes should be expelled from the country. In a notoriously xenophobic (and racially homogeneous) nation, the ads are also a reminder of the struggles many Western European nations have faced with immigration — especially by Middle Eastern and Muslim people. 

It seems uncouth to remark that the first photo — heinous racial undertones aside — is kind of hot. But I said it anyway.