Rikers prison forcing scantily clad visitors to wear baggy t-shirts

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No shanks or skanks.

"No skanks, no shanks" seems to be the takeaway from a new New York Daily News report on how corrections officers at Rikers Island are asking female visitors to sheathe their skimpy outfits in order to help keep the peace. Similarly, women will have to remove all jewelry, including wedding rings. Asked one woman after having to change clothes and, as a result, redo her hair and make-up, "Why'd I even bother?"

The answer is twofold. The new policy is intended to curb the smuggling of contraband, like shanks. But there's also more to it; as the NYDN reports, 

From now on, female visitors who show up spilling out of their tight tops, miniskirts or ripped jeans will be issued a passion-dampening T-shirt that comes in a hideous shade of neon green and in just one size: XXL. 

They're also designed to douse the desire of sex-starved prisoners, some of whom have been caught getting it on with their significant others in large public visit areas that often are filled with kids, sources said.

"It was really gross," said a veteran jail supervisor. "It was really getting out of control."

So what exactly will prison visitors wearing spandex leggings and the like have to don now? This fetching number: 

I guess you could say that the punishment doesn't fit the crime?