Rotting fruit is an aphrodisiac, claims science

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Never mind chocolate and wine. Only one food is scientifically proven to turn you on, at least if you're a fruit fly. The one guaranteed aphrodisiac, thus far, is rotting fruit (sorry, green M&Ms). The scent apparently turns on pathways in the male fruit fly's brain, which encourages them to court and mate the ladies. Sadly, moldy bananas fail to have a similar effect on female members of the species (or any members of the human species). Though if they did I imagine there'd be bowls of over-ripe produce in every household.   

Okay, so even if these research has zero impact on people, it still has significant implications. The fact that any scent can trigger sexual impulses on a biological level is fascinating. Even if it's only in a teeny-tiny fly brain, perhaps there is hope for an actual love potion yet. Here's hoping it doesn't reek of rotting fruit, though.