Royal honeymoon might go down in Australia

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Prince William and Kate Middleton.

With every boring, televised royal wedding comes a (hopefully) not boring, (unfortunately) not televised royal honeymoon. But where will all that hot Protestant sex be going down? The answer might be "under": word on the street is that Prince William and Kate Middleton might honeymoon in Australia

On a visit to the only Commonwealth of Nations member that is both a continent and a country (big ups, middle-school education!), the Prince admitted that he was quite taken with his family's former dominion:

At a waterfront reception in the Queensland tourist town of Cairns, the Prince announced to fans that he wanted to go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. "It's much nicer down here, the weather at home is dreadful," he said to a young woman who was in line to meet the prince at a waterfront reception. “I will have to come back, maybe we'll have a honeymoon in Cairns?" he said. The crowd, of course, cheered.

Fun Fact: If it happens, he and Princess Catherine will pretty much be the embodiment of The Kinks' British Empire-skewering song, "Australia."