Russia has the highest divorce rates in the world, the US the 6th highest

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Russian Wedding

Blame it on the long, cold nights, the overabundance of vodka, or perhaps all the mail-order brides, but according to recent data released by the UN, Russia has the highest divorce rate of any country, with five divorces occurring per every 1,000 marriages. Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova get the dubious honor of runners up, while the sunny Cayman Islands round out the top five. Might want to scratch that one off your list of ideal honeymoon spots. 

So where does the United States fall on the list? At sixth place, we're not too far behind our eastern European brethren with 3.4 divorces per 1,000 married couples. You know what might be a novel way to decrease those numbers? Letting gay people marry. That way couples that have been together forever can legally stay together and you know, actually be counted. 

Oh and as far as individual states are concerned, the motley crew of New York, Iowa, and North Dakota are all tied with the lowest numbers. We'll stick with New York.