Same-sex couples required to marry if they want their partners to get health insurance

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same-sex wedding cake

Looks like some same-sex couples in New York might be getting married a lot sooner than they thought. Large corporations, like I.B.M. and Corning, who previously offered health insurance benefits to the partners of employees who lived in states where gay marriage was formerly illegal, are now requiring those couples get hitched if they want to receive the same shared benefits as before. Well, I guess now those couple will be on equal ground with their straight counterparts, knowing what it's like to rush to the courthouse, as financial and legal matters trump love any day of the week. 

However critics of this policy claim companies should wait until same-sex marriage is recognized on the federal level and not just a state-by-state basis. The current policy could also be confusing or just plain annoying for people who live and work in different states where the legality of gay marriage varies and would prefer to get married on their home turf. As if the government wasn't making it hard enough, let's thank corporate America for further limiting wedding options.