Sarah Palin is America’s most “datable” female politician, reports survey

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In a survey just released by dating site Zoosk, Sarah Palin was voted America's "most datable" female politician, prompting an uninvited series of increasingly Grand Guignol "romantic night with Sarah Palin" scenarios to run through my head. (Thanks, 32% of Zoosk users surveyed.) The runner-up? None other than noted orgasm critic Christine O'Donnell, who I'm sure is also a barrel of laughs. But in a reassuring display of bipartisanship and relative good taste, 33% said San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom (who attempted to legalize gay marriage in 2004 and also has a kind of Christian Bale thing going in some pictures) was the most datable male politician. Trailing at 24% is Barack Obama, who really needs to do something about his poll numbers. While he works on that, submit your fantasy date with Sarah Palin to win… uh… a date with Sarah Palin. (We'll see what we can do.)