Science helps you spot a golddigger

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Are you afraid your girl is a golddigger? Here's how to "get" sex out of her, without being swindled, using science! Some scientists did a study to see what kinds of gifts were most likely to weed out people who don't care about you. The extremely feminist experiment involved men giving women one of three different kinds of gifts and then the recipient woman reporting whether or not she would have sex with the gift-giver. The study is charmingly titled, "Costly but worthless gifts facilitate courtship."

The first gift cost the male nothing and was essentially worthless to the woman (something like a card), the second gift was costly to the man and had intrinsic value to the woman, the third gift was equally expensive but possessed no intrinsic value to the recipient. In the end, the most effective way for the men to get laid but avoid golddiggers was to spend an extravagant amount of money on something intrinsically worthless to the woman. So don't get your girl that Gucci bag, fellas; instead, spend an entire paycheck renting out the loft at the Soho Grand and wining and dining on some sumptuous, non-intrinsically valuable foods. Just make sure there's no leftovers.