Science: People in San Francisco are easy

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A new study from Trojan reveals that the average San Franciscan has had sex with thirty partners, the highest rate in the U.S. The condom manufacturer surveyed 200 people in each of ten cities; on the other end of the partner-count spectrum was Chicago, where the average adult has slept with eleven people. Weather? Midwestern mores? Continual radio dominance by the Smashing Pumpkins? Who knows.

San Franciscans are also the least likely to believe in abstinence before marriage, which I suppose would naturally correlate, and the most likely to admit to masturbating. (I'm going to assume the number of people who are actually masturbating is pretty constant, wherever you are.)

While San Franciscans are having sex with more people than the rest of us, they're not the most satisfied with their sex lives. (Actually, maybe that's why they're looking around.) That honor goes to Philadelphia residents, 82% of whom report satisfaction. Least satisfied were the good people of Boston. I grew up in Boston, and with apologies to my friends who still live there… I'm not surprised.