Science pinpoints the herbs that will improve your sex life

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More helpful updates from the hard-working sex scientists of the world: certain herbs will make you both better at and more desirous of sex. Sure, people have been saying this since basically the dawn of time/sex, but more research couldn't hurt, right?

According to new data from Guelph University researchers, panax ginseng, saffron, and yohimbine (from West African yohimbe trees) will "improve human sexual function," while muira puama (from Brazil), maca root (from the Andes), and chocolate will "increase sexual desire."

Now, before we all get excited at this new evidence for the classic "chocolate makes you horny" theory, the article accompanying the research notes that "chocolate was not linked to sexual arousal or satisfaction," which doesn't really make sense given the whole "increased sexual desire" thing. Even so, no time like the present to throw away everything in your kitchen, fill your cabinets with everything on this list, and wait for the better, more frequent sex to start rolling in.