Science: red is the sexiest color

elizabeth hurley

Devil in a red dress? Yeah, pretty much.

Men are more likely to consider a woman open to sex if she is wearing the color, according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. "It doesn’t have to be a red dress or a sexy outfit," researcher Adam Pazda told Wired. "It can be a red T-shirt."

Pazda and his team believe that it's possibly a biological response, not just a cultural one, as female chimpanzees and baboons turn flush when most fertile: "In many non-human primate species, female red displays are a signal of sexual receptivity."

In the study, twenty-five men looked at photographs of the same woman in red and white shirts, and then responded on a nine-point scale: "Is she interested in sex?" They were 1 to 1.5 points more likely to answer in the affirmative for red. The researchers concluded, "Men perceive women in red as sexually receptive" and "perceive sexually receptive women as attractive."

So if Scarlett Johansson were named "White Johansson," no guys would be interested. Right?

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Commentarium (3 Comments)

Feb 28 12 - 1:22pm

What if you drive a red car? Does that count?

Feb 28 12 - 1:58pm
Stuckina Parkbench

No doubt that Cherry Johansson, Carmine Johansson, and Cardinal Johansson all elicit alternate responses. Not sure what in the hell to do with Sanguine Johansson; she crazy.

Mar 05 12 - 2:15am

We only found the effect for attraction, so males don't rate females in red as more intelligent, more likable, or as having a better personality; they only rate her as sexier and more attractive./