Scientist urges NASA to research space sex

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Dr. Rhawn Joseph, of California's Brain Research Laboratory, has written a paper urging NASA to research sex and reproduction in space in conjunction with a mission to Mars. Rumor apparently has it that two married astronauts had sex on the International Space Station, which sounds like a pretty good story all by itself; Joseph reasonably concludes that "if issues of human sexuality are not addressed, and if necessary precautions are not taken, sex in space could lead to pregnancies, conflict, violence, and catastrophe."

But NASA, a fairly conservative agency, wouldn't discuss the paper, saying only, "Since it’s not a NASA publication, and NASA is not currently engaged in any initiatives to colonize Mars, and NASA’s not conducting any research on sex or reproduction in space or on Mars, we are unable to provide a comment on the matter." Lana Tao edits the journal that published Joseph's paper, and sounds slightly exasperated in an interview with "“I participated in a conference at NASA headquarters in Langley that was supposed to last thirty minutes but went on for hours. Every chapter and every topic covered in the [issue featuring Joseph's paper] was discussed, except one: sex… It's like TV shows from the 1970s where married couples sleep in separate twin beds, and women have babies but never show any signs of pregnancy."

C'mon, NASA! Research space sex! It'll be hilarious and fun, and also important to the future of mankind or something.