Scientists finally locate clitoris

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Finally scientists are telling us what we've been telling men forever. Namely, that clitoral and vaginal stimulation actually provide different sensations. Scientists have used MRI brain scans to determine that these two types of stimulation differ because they actually activate different parts of the brain.

The sensory cortex — the region of the brain that corresponds to different physical locations on body — of a male was mapped in the 1950s, resulting in a commonly used graphic depiction called the "sensory homunculus." But when sensations were mapped on the sensory cortex of a woman, scientists came up with some interesting results. In addition to the fact that vaginal and clitoral sensations differ, the study also found that stimulation of a woman's nipples actually activates the same region as genital stimulation. 

That explains why women usually like it when you touch their nipples, while men tend to do that awkward, jumpy thing when you try to touch theirs. So women like having their nips caressed and clitoral stimulation really does feel different — what will science tell us next?