Scientists say happy couples sound alike, write the same way

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Couple style

I already mentioned that science proved that people in relationships start to look more and more alike the longer they're together. Now, comes a followup report that claims happy relationships are made up of people who have similar speech patterns and writing styles. Hey, it's science, don't complain to me. 

A new study says that happy couples mimic each other's speech and writing patterns, and although there's a lot to be said for non-verbal cues, most people will admit that a blissful couplehood won't last long without the regular exchange of words in some form.

Combine conventional wisdom and other studies on couples communication, and the new findings on "language style matching" suggest that shared expressions reflect the happiness of a couple who already have a comparable grasp of vocabulary and syntax. So it's not as if someone who talks like Snooki will develop Oscar Wilde-ian eloquence after dating someone with that caliber of wit.

Effective couples communication usually begins with singles who were attracted to someone whose communicative style mimicked their own in the first place. [Your Tango

That's what we call "chemistry," folks.

Strangely, researchers say they used the poetry of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes to help test out their theories. Uh, guys? Did you say "happy" couples? Because I'm pretty sure Sylvia Plath offed herself after finding out her husband was cheating on her…