I know I should be focusing on the crazy roadside sex-service sex dolls in the pictures, but here's what I can't get over: Poland looks scary! Look at how that tall, dark forest is ready to swallow you up forever. No wonder Grimm's Fairy Tales is so fucked up. Hansel and Gretel never stood a chance.

Anyway, enough about Central Europe's frightening geography. To the sex dolls!

A group of artists known as the PMS Collective decided to make a few blow-up dolls available to Polish commuters. The dolls are, as you can see, cost a mere euro to use and are strictly self-service. 

I don't know what the reaction's been like over there, but Americans would surely be losing their shit over this.

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Feb 16 11 - 11:48am
True Pleasures

I hope someone cleans and disinfects these things in between uses O.o *shudders* Ew...

Apr 18 11 - 2:31am


Jan 19 12 - 4:46pm

it's not Poland :) no euro there! maybe Slovakia!