See: Six ways to sneak “Star Wars” into your sex life

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You're surely thinking, "Aw, only six?" So to teach you a lesson in moderation, I'm only including in this post four of the "six tips to successfully incorporate Star Wars into your sex life," as determined by Crushable.

Here we go!

1. "Think outside the box," like the burlesque-dancing Storm Trooper in the picture above does.

2. Pretend a vibrator is a lightsaber.

3. Try going furry; get some Ewok costumes.

4. "Tell him you want it AT-AT style tonight." No other night will do.

And there you have it. If, for some reason, you've yet to run to your nearest loved one to share the good news, then you should definitely check out the original list in its entirety over at Crushable.