Seven percent of American workers have slept with the boss to get a better job

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That's just about one in fourteen people. (You may now take a moment to look around your office, count how many coworkers you have, and figure out which one of them may have given a boss some sweet, sweet subordinate action.) In a study of 1,000 Americans performed by the Adecco Group, seven percent of responders claim they've had a fling of some kind with the boss to help their job:

Adecco released that little nugget inside a larger "Best Boss" survey, which found that managers have bonded more closely with employees during the Great Recession—usually in a Platonic way—communicating more, putting in more hours, diving in during a crisis. Workers have noticed the efforts and appreciate them.

Some appreciate them more than others.

While I understand that times are tough and people are pretty desperate to keep/get jobs at the moment, I can't help but think this number is a bit high — remember, these are people who slept with the boss for no other reason than to get a better job. (And not because, say, having secret sex with the boss could be super hot.)

More shocking, though? Only seventeen percent of people said they believed sleeping with a boss could get you a promotion. Now that figure is way too low. I may not do it, but I know for damn sure that it could, potentially, help you.