Woman experiences amnesia after sex with husband

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Talk about mind-blowing sex. Following a romp in bed with husband, a fifty-four year-old woman experienced an odd case of amnesia. She showed up at the Georgetown University Hospital emergency room, unable to recall anything that happened in the past twenty-four hours. Luckily her bizarre case of memory loss eventually reversed itself. But the weird part is, scientists believe it was the sex that actually caused it. To quote Keanu Reeves, "Whoa."

Apparently sex can trigger what the doctors call transient global amnesia. It mostly appears in older folks in their fifties and sixties, so you probably have a few decades before you have to worry about coitus scrambling your memory cells. Scientists credit intense abdominal pressure (which in turn impacts blood flow to the neck and brain) as the possible culprit. It's a freaky occurrence, but perhaps we should take solace in it. After all, some sex is definitely worth forgetting.