Sex pun of the day: “DickiLeaks” condoms

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Dickileaks condom

It was really only a matter of time until this happened, even if Julian Assange is technically more famous for (allegedly) eschewing rubbers than he is for actually wrapping it up. And even if any close combination of the words "condom" and "leak" induces panic attacks in the vast majority of the sex-having population. And even if you don't want to think about politics or Assange's waxy face when you're about to get some.

Yes, in spite of the many questions one might have about the advisability of a DickiLeaks condom, we'll still give big ups to Condomania for taking the initiative, and for releasing this salty press release to boot:

DickiLeak Condoms are made for those unique individuals who seek the thrill of the leak but desire to wear a condom to comply with local ordinances. All DickiLeak condoms feature nanocircuitry that determine the timing and amount of the leak, adding to the excitement of every release!

Um, please note that none of the above is true. We lied. However, despite that fact that DickiLeak condoms do provide unsurpassed protection and do not leak, DickiLeaks are still a great way to spice up your next WikiLeaks release party, especially in Sweden!

Consider your stocking stuffers taken care of!