Spain requires prostitutes to wear reflective vests

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Prostitutes in Spain wearing reflective yellow vests

Spain is worried about its prostitutes. Not because they exist, but because they might get hit by cars, peddling their wares along the sides of busy highways. But the Spanish government has a solution: make the prostitutes wear bright yellow safety vests. You know, like the ones road-construction crews wear. 

Prostitution is not banned countrywide in Spain, and there are an estimated 300,000 sex workers in the country, according to the Telegraph. If a prostitute is caught not wearing the vest, she faces a fine of €40 ($56). Police say they aren't targeting any specific group, but that these women just happen to pose the greatest risk to drivers. We're all in favor of safety, but Spanish men should be careful about approaching every person they see in a reflective vest to ask for sex.