Steampunk vibrators taking over the Victorian sex toy market

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Steampunk vibrators, X-Ray gun sex toys, and other items from Lady Clankington.

Out of Harrisburg, that humble outpost in the Pennsylvanian West, comes a new shop for fans of anachronistic stimulation: Lady Clankington's Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities is the world's "first ever line of steampunk adult novelty items," according to their website. 

And, to be honest, I kind of believe them, because I've certainly never seen any sex toys like these:

 Steampunk vibrators are the hottest Victorian sex toy. Steampunk vibrators are the hottest Victorian sex toy.

To verify the legitimacy of these Victorian sex toys, here are some testimonials taken from the website:

“While attending the 104th Sussex Manservant Rally, Lady Stotescrue and I cheered on our favorites as they pulled their wagons around the second bend. At about this time, Lady Stotescrue pulled out a tiny, practically limp little weapon and complained that she was having the most dreadful time achieving any kind of satisfaction in her duels. She was in absolute distress and I just had to introduce her to my Little Death Ray. After going behind the refreshment tent and firing it just once, I was forced to attempt to wrest it from the veritable death grip she had on it. I don't dare let it out of my site again!” — Dame Edith Weesleshague


Steampunk vibrators are the hottest Victorian sex toys.


Via Boing Boing.