Student’s sex list “Consumer Guide to MIT Men” appeared years before Duke undergrad’s

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The consumer guide to MIT men

Karen Owens, the Duke student who caused quite a stir with her term paper of ranked sexual conquests, turns out to be not as original as we first thought. The Smoking Gun has obtained The Consumer Guide To MIT Men, dating from 1977, a four-star ranking of the sexual performances of thirty-six MIT students, by the author-participants, Roxanne Ritchie and Susan Gilbert.

Last names were not omitted, to the consternation of the rankees. Richie and Gilbert were ostensibly taking a stand  for feminist empowerment, which resulted in them receiving probation, and a scolding from the Institute's president. The list is poetic, descriptive, and includes a ranking system, from zero to four stars, visible below. You can check out the whole document here.  

Mr.Kinsey, what have you wrought?

The consumer guide to MIT Men