Studies show new pills can prevent HIV infection

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Gilead pill

In a major stride for HIV research, two new studies have shown that taking daily antiviral pills can prevent uninfected people from contracting the virus. Previous studies have garnered similar results in homosexual subjects, and the new data is the first to reflect the same results in heterosexuals. 

One study, conducted among participants in Kenya and Uganda, found that daily consumption of the pill Truvada (a combination of tenofovir and emtricitabine) lowered the chance of HIV infection by seventy-three percent. Two more similar studies are in the works but the results thus far have been so clear-cut that one expert said, "We don’t anticipate needing more."

"Now we have a nice collection of really powerful strategies that work for the populations that are at greatest risk in the world," said one of the leading researchers. "This is really a game-changer."