Study: Best Actress Oscar curse actually exists

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A new study by researchers at the University of Toronto and Carnegie Mellon University finds that Best Actress Oscar winners face a higher risk of divorce than their fellow nominees who do not win. By contrast, Best Actor winners do not experience the same increase. Studies have shown that breaching the social norm of greater power and status for men can lead to strained relationships. "It appears that even the marriages of Hollywood actresses at the top of their careers are not immune to the consequences of violating social norms that affect the wider population. Our results suggest that the sudden success reduces the longevity of their marriages," said study co-author, Colleen Stuart.

The study examined the 751 nominees in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories between 1936 and 2010. After crunching the numbers, it turns out that Best Actress winners have a sixty-three percent greater chance of their marriages crumbling sooner than the marriages of non-winners. The average length of marriage for Best Actress winners was 4.30 years, as opposed to 9.51 years for non-winners. The gap between Best Actor winners and non-winners (11.97 vs. 12.66) was shown to be statistically insignificant. Recent winners like Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, and Hilary Swank have all fallen prey to the curse. If Britney Spears ever wins a statuette (uh, right), that would really skew the numbers, considering her fifty-five-hour marriage to that other Jason Alexander.