Study claims that more than 50% of women are attracted to other women

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In yet another example of a person in a white coat making shit up and saying "BWAHAHAHA SCIENCE," a study from Boise State University claims that 60% of heterosexual women are sexually attracted to other women (and by women, they mean "Beyonce"). The study, which polled 484 straight women, also discovered that 45% of women have enjoyed a same-sex kiss, with 50% of women admitting to having sexual fantasies about other women (again, sexual fantasies about Beyonce). 

Professor Elizabeth Morgan, a psychology professor who headed the Boise State study, claims that her findings are supported by women's innate tendencies toward emotionally bonding with other women. "Women are encouraged to be emotionally close to each other," she says. "That provides an intimacy for romantic feelings to develop."

That sounds about right, actually. That would explain why all girl-girl pornos start with the actresses in their footy pajamas, sharing their innermost dreams and aspirations over a pint of Ben and Jerry's and a Katherine Heigl DVD. That would also explain the existence of the drill-do, which provides "an intimacy for romantic feelings to develop."

Are you fucking my head, Professor Morgan? Because if you are, from one woman to another, it's not making me feel as "emotionally close" to you as you suggest it will. Human sexuality is incredibly complex, and to say that women like to sleep with other women because they have fun giggling and shoe-shopping and watching rom-coms together is about as gross a generalization as saying 290 women in Idaho are bisexual because they think Scarlett Johansson has great boobs. 

Why do "studies" like this always try to quantify attraction? Can't we just leave it at some people like this, and other people like that, and some people like a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and absolutely everyone likes Beyonce?