The average couple argues 312 times a year, according to a new study on the matter. Unless these couples are doubling up, this means that people in relationships enjoy a mere fifty-three days of complete harmony in a common year. Romance!

The same study also reports that "couples are more likely to fall out" on Thursday evenings, at around 8 p.m. These unconsciously scheduled lovers' quarrels usually last for only ten minutes. Sounds like the perfect sitcom pitch to me!

Or, to others, the perfect way to sell bathroom fixtures. The study — which took into account 3,000 adults — was done "by," whatever that means. Incidentally, the study found that "stubble in the sink" and "dirty marks in the toilet" were the top "argument triggers," while "taking too long to get ready" was the thing that made men most annoyed.

Commentarium (9 Comments)

Jan 18 11 - 6:13pm

It seems crazy to me that the arguments of unique couples could be that predictable.

Jan 18 11 - 6:42pm

They're definitely not all bathroom-related. WTF.

Jan 18 11 - 7:34pm

I guess that's after they each knock back a couple cans of whiskey?

Jan 18 11 - 9:45pm

I recall making a door curtain out of beer can pull-tabs. I'm thinking one out of whiskey pull-tabs would be pretty extreme.

Jan 18 11 - 11:19pm
Munny Hunny

At what time of the week do couples tend to fight about money? That would be much more useful to know.

Jan 19 11 - 6:01am

They've outed the secret - men cheating on their wives who get caught, make sure they rapidly leave a dirty mark on the toilet - the ole 'use a top argument trigger' deflection ploy.

Jan 19 11 - 9:07am
Name goes here

I'm thinking that a lot of these arguments are about whether to watch Community or Big Bang Theory (to which the answer should clearly be Community)

Jan 19 11 - 11:04am

It's Wednesday - I have a whole day to break up with girlfriend before she overreacts about the dead ferret I left in the bathroom sink.

Jan 19 11 - 9:24pm
taco au poisson

You just can't turn a ho into a housewife.