Study: Couples who wait to have sex until marriage are happier, says religiously-funded study

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Happy couple

Everyone has their supposed secrets to a happy marriage (quality time together, Viagra, or in the case of Tracy Morgan, six-cheese lasagna). But scientists out of Brigham Young University (wait, Mormons believe in science?) claim that waiting until your wedding night to have sex is the true key to a lasting marriage. (Unsurprising, coming from a school of religious zealots, I know.) 

A study of 2,035 married couples found that relationship stability was rated twenty-two percent higher in relationships between individuals who abstained from pre-marital sex. Relationship satisfaction was twenty-percent higher, while quality of sex was fifteen percent better and even communication between partners was twelve percent better. For couples who became sexually involved before marriage, the benefits were about half as strong.

One can't help but think this research is just an itty-bit biased given the ultra-conservative and religious bent of the university. After all marrying someone without sleeping with them is about as logical as buying a car without giving it a test-drive. Sexual compatibility has got to have something to do with a happy relationship — or at least a sexy one.