Study: Filipino women are more interested in food and politics than sex

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woman eating chocolate

It appears that Filipino women are fantasizing more about lechon than Manny Pacquiao. According to a survey by the National Statistical Coordination Board, women in the Philippines assign food a much higher place than sex in their hierarchy of things that make them happy.  

Female respondents ranked food fifth overall, while sex came in at a limp eighteenth, a tick above cultural activities, at the bottom. The agency's secretary-general, Romulo Virola, wrote on their website, "This is easy to trivialize, but the unmet expectations for love and sex by either partner can surely lead to problems, and must be managed properly and professionally."  

Interestingly, four months after president Benigno Aquino took office, the country's population has grown by around 600,000 – Southeast Asia's fastest rate of increase. So for a country whose women claim not to be all that motivated by sex, there sure are a lot of new babies sprouting up.