Study finds how to have the “most satisfying” sex

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A study conducted at the University of Austin found that the motivation for sexual behavior had an impact on how fulfilling the sex was. While people reported many different reasons for having sex — everything from raising self-esteem to getting goods or favors — the reason that led to the best sex was love and commitment. Sorry, single people! According to the study:

Men who had sex to raise their self-esteem were less satisfied, as were men who had sex to get goods, favors or other resources.

Women had a broader range of associations, the researchers found. The connection between love/commitment and satisfaction was less strong for women than for men, though it was still present. Women who had sex to express something to their partner, like gratitude or apology, were also more satisfied.

Why the difference? Researchers think that people having sex because of love are less likely to be worried or distressed about performance, or whether they orgasm. This, ironically, leads to a better experience overall. So the next time you want a really satisfying romp in the sheets, just… uh, fall in love with a committed partner?