Study finds that sexting will actually get you laid

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As lame as it sounds, sending a text at two in the morning that says, "hey, want 2 come over?" can actually work! That and Facebook messages, re-tweets, pokes — pretty much anything involving a computer and/or a smart phone. At least that's what 40% of women said in a new poll conducted by Men's Fitness and Shape. (As always, take any study about sex and relationships with a grain of salt, especially those conducted by fitness magazines.) From the New York Post:

"The texting and all the social networking that's happening… creates anticipation," said Dr. Belisa Vranich, a New York clinical psychologist. "If your goal is to have sex, [texting] is actually helpful for that because it makes the correspondence between people sort of more titillating.

"It [also] gives the false impression that you've actually been together for a longer amount of time, so it's actually okay to have sex quicker," she added. "You may have gone out once or twice, but since there's been so much exchange, either in texting or Facebook, it feels longer. It actually feels like its been longer than just two dates."

I know I feel more comfortable having sex with a guy with a respectable Twitter feed. Just to make sure it's special, you know? (Just kidding, sex doesn't have to be special. Have sex with whomever you want. Just don't base it on wall posts, please.)