Study finds women use condoms less the longer they’re in college

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Apparently college doesn't always make you smarter. Especially when you've been drinking heavily. 

A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research finds that women in their freshman year of college use condoms less and less the longer they're in school. Results showed that women started out school with moderate to high levels of condom use, only to steadily use them less over the course of their freshman year. 

Not surprisingly, the study also found that women who binge drink more are less likely to use condoms. So are women with lower GPAs and poorer socioeconomic backgrounds. While this study was only based on 279 freshman women at Northeastern University, it's probably safe to say you could find this trend at other colleges, with exceptions for religious schools and colleges populated by lame-wads.

Hopefully, this information can be used to better educate freshman women about sex. But where are freshman men in all this? I only hope scientists are studying their habits too. After all, in this crazy world, we all need to suit up.