Study: Good-looking people more likely to have daughters

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A fascinating and complicated new study indicates attractive women are more likely to end up giving birth to daughters. Perhaps good-looking women have some sort of predisposition to creating little clones? What do I know, just read the damn report:

Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, of the London School of Economics, analysed data from a survey of 17,000 babies born in Britain in March 1958 and tracked them throughout their lives.

At the age of seven, their attractiveness was rated by their teachers.

Wait, what? That's creepy…

When they reached 45, they were asked about the gender of any children they had.

Those rated as attractive were equally likely to have a son or daughter as their first child – but the unattractive sorts were more likely to have a son. [Daily Mail]

Wrong, the unattractive ones were more likely to have sold their daughters in order to fund plastic surgery to make themselves look better. No, that's not true. Honestly, I have no idea why this is. The Daily Mail, those brilliant scientists, have the answers:

Beauty, [a doctor] says, is of more benefit to a woman than a man, and so it pays for attractive women to have daughters.

But couples blessed with strength and aggression rather than looks are better off having boys, as these characteristics are of more use to males. [Daily Mail]

That explains why they want to have them, but it doesn't explain why they often do…