Study: Guys become less sucky upon marriage

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Think you're a bad boy who does what he wants, when he wants? A contemporary cowboy whose heart refuses to be confined by any one zip code? A wild stallion that can be tamed by no one, least of all a woman?

Really? Wow, you're a weird dude. But the good news is that you won't always be so weird; a new study has observed 289 pairs of male twins and found that antisocial behavior — breaking the law, being irritable and/or aggressive, leaving debts unpaid, and "disregarding the safety of others" — declines in men after they get married. And as it happens, it's the men with relatively low levels of antisocial behavior who are most likely to get married in the first place. So basically, pretty decent guys get married and become a bit more decent.

Meanwhile, the indecent men — the "antisocial buddies" who are "left to the bachelor pad" — are running around endangering others and not paying their debts, like unattached badasses. You know who you are.