Study: Seeing attractive people makes you less likely to buy clothes

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If nothing else, we should use this to get rid of those shirtless Hollister models, prancing around outside the store. New research has shown that customers are less likely to spend money in a store where attractive employees and fellow shoppers are either wearing or considering purchasing the same items.

The study says that it's not so much the sight of someone wearing the outfit you're considering. Rather, it's that horrible moment after you've tried on the cerulean bandage dress and you're like "Hey, maybe with a belt and a blazer I can make this work…." but then you see the size-zero sales associate wearing the dress sans sartorial optical illusions and she looks so much better than you and why did you ever leave your apartment today… thing that makes you change your mind. 

So on the plus side, you'll save money. The researchers suggest asking the attractive employees not to wear the store's brand, or getting rid of communal mirrors in changing areas, but those both seem dumb. Mostly the moral of the study is, buck up, unhappy camper! You're beautiful… on the inside.