Study: Lack of sleep might kill guys’ sex lives

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man sleeping

In not really surprising news, science has found that lack of sleep could put a major damper on your sex life. A new study conducted at the University of Chicago has found that guys who sleep less than five hours a night for periods longer than a week have significantly lower levels of testosterone, than those who got a full night's sleep. Decreased testosterone translates to a reduced libido, low energy and overall sluggishness, and none of those things make for fun, sexy times.

While these findings might seem obvious, it's actually startling when you realize their severity. Researchers obtained blood samples of their sleeping subjects (who were all relatively healthy and averaged twenty-four years old) and found that in just one week, testosterone decreased by ten to fifteen percent in men who were forced to sleep only five hours a night for seven consecutive days. That's on par with guys ten to fifteen years older than them. These findings however present an annoying paradox. As the study stands, the more guys sleep, the more they'll want to have sex, yet the less time they'll have to have it. Might want to sleep on that one.