Study: Middle-aged people have terrible sex lives, worse even than the elderly

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Surprise, surprise: middle-aged folks have disappointing sex — if they have sex at all. A survey conducted among nearly 1500 people by the Associated Press and found twenty-four percent of people between forty-five and sixty-five to be dissatisfied with their love lives, the highest of any demographic polled, with only seven percent reporting "extreme satisfaction" in the bedroom. Thirty to forty-four year-olds fared somewhat better — only twenty percent reported lackluster sex. The happiest? Young people. Eighteen to twenty-nine year-olds came in with a mere twelve-percent dissatisfaction rate (but we already knew that.)   

Seems like the generation that spearheaded the sexual revolution is losing steam. Lack of communication seems to be the culprit, as sixty-one percent of men between the ages of forty-five and sixty-five believe sex is an important part of a healthy relationship, while fifty-three percent of women say sex doesn't matter at all. Um, yeah, that might be an issue worth discussing. And hey, if it leads to an argument, the make-up sex has the potential to be amazing.   

Also of interest: old people. Only seventeen percent of people over sixty-six report sexual dissatisfaction. We're betting Viagra has something to do with it. Though to be fair, only thirty-seven percent reported actually having sex. But even so, you'd better keep an eye on grandma and her boyfriend this Thanksgiving.