Study: Not all male dance moves are laughable, unsexy

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Fabian dances

A few years ago Discovery aired a very special, very long program on human sexuality called The Science of Sex Appeal. It was the only thing they showed for a week, and yes, it confirmed much of what we already know about face shape, youth, and hormones, but like I said it aired nonstop for a week and I'm a sex doctor now.

One of the "studies" conducted was on dance. They attached reflectors to key erogenous zones on women's bodies and instructed them to dance. The ones who flaunted said zones (the butt zone, the hip zone, the boob zone) were purported to have more sex appeal than those who did not. But this study had one key control group: men. Men did not dance. Because the act of male dance – impressive and athletic though it may be – is just not a common source of arousal for women.

But scientists at Northumbia University in the UK have pinpointed which manly dance moves have the most appeal, and it's these moves, fellas:

According to the researchers

Men who were judged to be good dancers had a varied repertoire and more moves that involved tilting and twisting the torso and neck…"The head, neck and upper body come out as the key features that are important for good dancing and that surprised us," said Neave, whose study is published in the journal Biology Letters. "When you see brilliant dancers, you'll see their bodies, heads and necks are all doing ever so slightly different things in time to the music."

Therefore, variation is good. Agreed. Variation, constancy, and working with multiple kinds of rhythm make for a good dancer. However:

I can't say it has any effect on the female libido.