Study: Odds for sex are best on Wednesdays

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I guess there's a reason they call it "hump day." Researchers at dating site OkCupid claim you're most likely to get it on on a Wednesday night. Based on data from their users, they've come up with a "sexual availability index" which they describe as a "the Dow, if the stock market were about sex.” So how do your romantic investments fare? According to their findings, singles headed out on Wednesday nights are the friskiest.

The New York Times (yes, that New York Times) explains just how the site's co-founder, Christian Rudder, came up with these curious findings:

Rudder started by finding out, based on OkCupid’s mobile service, which customers in New York, Boston and Washington were out on the town on a given night. From these people’s profile data, Rudder then built a composite of four sets of personal characteristics that might correlate with openness toward new (but not necessarily long-lasting) relationships.

Two measures he studied were explicitly concerned with sex: what percentage of singles out on a given evening listed casual sex as a “romantic priority” and what percentage was willing to sleep with someone on a first date. The other two measures were less sex-centric: what percentage described themselves as extroverted and what percentage fancied themselves as adventurous.

When all the numbers were crunched, weekdays, especially Wednesdays, fared better than weekends for folks looking to get laid. Of course there is absolutely no way to assess the accuracy of these statistics or even figure out the reasoning behind them. But hey, if the NY Times is reporting it, I guess it can't hurt to try your luck at the local bar come the middle of next week.