Study: Religious people still have sex, they just feel worse about it

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The results of a massive study on sexuality and religion has produced some interesting statistics. Researchers Darrel Ray and Amanda Brown conducted their study, "Sex and Secularism," on a group of 14,500 adults, investigating the result of religion on the participants' sexual satisfaction.

It seems that both religious men and women and atheists have sex at roughly the same rate. Both groups also reported watching pornography, masturbating, even pursuing affairs, at roughly the same rate. The main difference between the religious and the non-religious was that the devout felt guilty about it.

But, of course, all religions are not created equal. As in, some guilt-trip you far more than others. Mormons were the most likely to feel bad about sex. Their average "guilt score" was an astounding 8.19 out of 10. Jehovah's Witnesses came in second. Catholics, in a surprising departure from stereotype, came in sixth, with a 6.34.,

There's some good news though. If you're religious and disappointed in your sex life, all you have to do is become not-religious. Those surveyed who had left their beliefs reported that their sex was "much improved" and rated their newly secular sexual experiences an average 7.81 out of 10.