Study says men like cuddling more than women

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Spooning — it's not just something ladies like anymore! So say the sexperts at the Kinsey Institute, who recently conducted a study of straight middle-aged couples in long-term relationships. Among the findings was the (arguably) surprising fact that frequent kissing and cuddling was a major predictor of happiness for the men in relationships, but not for women. Cuddling, however, was an indicator of a satisfying sex life for all parties.

The study also found (and this one's definitely not surprising) that men who viewed their partners' sexual satisfaction as important were themselves more sexually satisfied, and more frequent sex correlated to higher satisfaction all around. Meanwhile, men who had had a higher number of sexual partners were less likely to be happy with their current sexual situation. 

So, not to oversimplify the official findings of science, but doesn't this study mostly come across as a major endorsement for the sexual practices of nice guys? Hopefully the Kinsey Institute keeps these studies coming!