Study: Shovelling snow is as strenuous, dangerous as having sex

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shoveling snow in the winter

Here's good news if you hate shoveling snow and bad news if you like having sex. Both are apparently equally dangerous if you're a middle-aged man. Following the deaths of several men who collapsed while shoveling snow over the holiday snowpocalypse, professor Jorg Braun, who works at a clinic in Hamburg, has been speaking out against the hazards of digging out your car by likening shoveling snow to being as strenuous as an energetic romp in the sack. And if either are intensely  rigorous, heart attacks can potentially be triggered. In other words, it's probably worth paying the neighbor's kid a few bucks to dig out your car, so as to reserve enough energy for the bedroom. 

Additionally Braun also claimed that, "Chipping away at frozen snow is particularly dangerous in the early morning when the body is still not functioning properly." That's even better news for those of us who like to sleep in and/or engage in a little morning action instead.