Study: The smell of pumpkin pie turns men on more than any other scent

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Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving is not ordinarily thought of as the sexiest of the holidays — perhaps since it's about over-eating and family, perhaps the world's two least sexy things. New research shows that men really get off on the smell of pumpkin pie. In fact, it's more arousing than any of the other scents you may be wearing. Maybe Bath and Body Works, purveyor of lotions and perfumes that smell like food you wish you were eating, was on to something. 

The study at Chicago's Smell and Taste Treatment Research Center tested forty different aromas on its subjects. I'm not sure if it was a horny group or just typical dudes, but every scent aroused the men. Pumpkin pie came in first place, though, increasing average penile blood flow by 40%. Vanilla and strawberry scents were also popular, so don't fret that pumpkin pie is a seasonal dish.

I don't know about you, but this just made the thought of sitting across from my boyfriend's dad at the dinner table tomorrow way more awkward.