Study: Women and men like casual sex equally

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According to a new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, women totally like casual sex as much as men. They're just less likely to accept offers from you, you toad. According to the abstract of the study by University of Michigan psych professor Terri D. Conley, "The extent to which women and men believed that the proposer would be sexually skilled predicted how likely they would be to engage in casual sex with this individual."

The catch is that when Conley showed scenes of men and women proposing casual sex in identical ways, both male and female viewers perceived the female casual-sex-proposers as "more intelligent, successful, and sexually skilled than men who made the same proposals." Counterbalancing for that bias, women are just as likely to say yes to a proposal of casual sex, at least according to this study. Maybe the most successful casual-sex proposals come with a little boasting ("I am sexually skilled!"), which would validate the Kenneth Parcell approach. You can check out the abstract of the study here.