Study: Women are turned on by gasoline, paint, ink, and leather

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Leather jacket

A new study indicates women get sexually aroused at the first whiff of leather, gasoline and printer ink, while men get turned on by, uh, baby oil. While women are turned on by those items because it reminds them of prior romantic entanglements, men are probably just remembering that it's time to masturbate. 

Research yesterday revealed women love the smell of petrol, paint, printer ink or leather on a man, while men are turned on by the scent of lipstick, baby lotion or a roast dinner on a woman.

The survey of 2,000 people by soap giant Daz shows Britons are drawn to these quirky aromas because they stimulate memories of romantic moments.

TV relationship expert Simone Bienne said: “Some weird and wonderful smells can transport us back to a happy memory. This in turn makes us feel more relaxed and drawn to someone”.  [Daily Express]

It's not clear how they determined that people are turned on by these products, if they did any actual research at all. It probably wasn't that difficult to determine men are excited by a home-cooked meal.