Study: Women prefer surfing the web and showering to sex

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It seems that women have a dirty little secret, and it's all about cleanliness. In a recent study conducted by Women at NBCU, men and women across the U.S. between the ages of eighteen and fifty-four were asked to look at a list of various activities, and from that list, to choose the three things that they couldn't live without for a month. Both men and women selected the internet and sleep, but differed on the third. Men unsurprisingly chose sex, while women surprisingly chose showers.

Moving on from that telling tidbit, researchers also discovered that more women than men own smartphones, fifty-four to forty-six percent. (Not as surprising.) Also, women were more likely than men to own a gaming app, seventy-five to sixty-seven percent. Nintendo Wii ownership? Again the ladies, at forty-four to forty-one percent. Like Paul Allen said recently, "Google+ is quickly turning pink."

Skipping the academic speak, we see, basically, that women are more wired in than men. More in tune with the digital grapevine. A day after the centenary of the brilliant and prescient media theorist, Marshall McLuhan, we can reflect on the global village that has come to pass, and the thought that, if McLuhan was a medium, his message was probably, recognize the implications of technological change. More people ironically bumping into strangers on the sidewalk while fiddling with their gadgets. Sounds like a metaphor to me.