Study: Women think about food more than they think about sex

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The way to a woman's heart is probably not her stomach, at least according to the findings of a recent study. According to a survey of 5,000 people, sixty percent of women in relationships feel uncomfortable eating in front of their partner. Odder still, nearly fifty percent of women feel awkward undressing around their significant other.

But, it turns out when women are too nervous to eat, they are probably thinking about food anyway. A quarter of women think about food in some capacity once every half hour, while only ten percent thought about sex as frequently. As for guys, thirty-six percent fantasize about sex every half an hour and one in twenty think about it every minute. 

Now, I can understand reluctance to wolf down a massive bowl of pasta due to first date jitters, but once you're in an established relationship shouldn't you be able to eat at ease. Not to mention get naked and have a sexy time with the person you're dating. Let's just chalk it up to body image issues and unrealistic media representations and expectations, you know the spiel. It's either that, or a whole lot of us are dating the wrong people.