Study: Women’s success gives men more control over sex

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columbia university

Study hard, stay out of trouble, get into a good college, and spend the rest of your life fighting your fellow honor-society girls for a chance to sleep with a frat boy. Or, at least, that's what a study conducted by the University of Texas seems to be saying. As you've surely read, women now outnumber men at college and are out-earning them immediately after graduation. According to the study, this sex has caused the price of sex to "decline." 

According to the findings of researcher Mark Regnerus, girls jockeying for the guy in the next dorm use sex to win him over. Regnerus discusses the price of sex, not in terms of the going rate at your friendly neighborhood brothel, but instead as a calculation of how much a guy must "pay" with commitment and assets to get the girl.

For part one of this equation, Regnerus looked at how often a high-school dropout working at Burger King gets laid versus a college grad with a steady nine-to-five. His research shows the former reports getting laid a lot more often than the latter, so because girls are just giving it away to these lowly minimum-wage workers, the price of sex must be at an all-time low.

According to Regnerus, "Thirty-five percent of men's relationships are reported to have become sexual within two weeks; and forty-eight percent become sexual within a month."  With nearly fifty percent of girls needing only a month of commitment, obviously sex is now on the social dollar menu. 

The survey is based on the premise that men value sex and women don't. To back this up, he cites prostitution — men pay women (or other men) for sex. Women don't. And while that might make sense in a historical context, it seems dubious today. Maybe, after a month of a relationship, women want sex too. Hell, maybe they like it! There is some evidence for that. And a very famous HBO show.