Study: your partner is likely sleeping with someone else

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Love triangle

A new study to be published in the Journal of Sex Research found that misunderstandings about monogamy and what it means abound in both married and unmarried couples. The two researchers from Oregon State University, Jocelyn Warren and Marie Harvey, interviewed 434 heterosexual couples where partners were ages eighteen to twenty-five. Interesting, forty percent of the time when one partner claimed he or she was involved in a monogamous relationship, the other partner claimed that no condition of monogamy existed.

Also, in instances where both partners answered that they were involved in a monogamous relationship, almost thirty percent of the time at least one partner had slept with someone outside of the relationship. Factors such as being married or having children had no effect on whether partners cheated or had an agreement of monogamy.

So, use a condom even if you believe you’re in a monogamous relationship, because your partner is likely banging someone else. Basically, monogamy is over. I’ve been saying this for years.